Denmark – Esbjerg

25 05 2007

I like Denmark. It took me about five minutes to reach that decision – the people are friendly, the days are long, and there are actually bicycle roads – not just lanes – next to the major car roads. Now that’s cool. It’s a shame other countries haven’t followed this idea, it makes inter-city riding a dream come true.

Did I mention the days were long? I haven’t gotten used to it yet – the sun rises at about 4:30am, and there is still plenty of light at 10:30pm. In fact, it’s only truly ‘night’ for about 3 hours. Glad I brought an eye-mask for the tent.

Here’s me, enjoying my first taste of a local brew – my reward for finding a campsite and getting the tent up before dark. I actually had 5 hours of daylight to spare, though I didn’t know it at the time…

A little celebration

A view of Esbjerg’s main square – the fancy building on the right with the white window-frames was my dinner destination. Great food, and not expensive, surprisingly.

Esbjerg’s main square

Some of the locals: Nice people, but rather quiet…

A rather ominous view above me at one of the local pubs. Quite symbolic really, though I’m not quite sure of what…

A sobering sight

And finally, my view of the Pentagon Internet cafe – my lifeline in Esbjerg – as I was leaving at 2:00am:

My lifeline in Esbjerg


Sorry about the dodgy formatting of these images and posts in general – still getting a grip on WordPress. Expect a bit of stylification when I have nothing better to do (ha!)

My next post will be to rewind back to the beginning of this trip, and fill-in a few blanks between leaving Tokyo and arriving in Esbjerg. In particular, to give credit where credit is due – to my family and friends around the world (thank you Maki-chan!), and especially to my newly embraced and dearly loved family in the U.K. – the Foulkes.

Tomorrow I’m off to fulfill a life-long dream – I’m going to Lego Land!!!




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27 05 2007

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