Nijmegen, Holland

10 06 2007

June 3rd, 2007

I loved the cycling scene in Denmark, but I simply can’t believe the setup here in the Netherlands. SO many bikes – I’m told that everyone here has at least two bikes, and I’d certainly believe it. Simon has two, and Debbie has three – and currently considering another one! The things you can do when you actually have storage space…
Simon is an old mate of mine from Australia – an ex-colleague from my days of computer animation, an active Kubuntu Linux developer, and a very good lad. His lovely girly Debbie hails from Holland, and that’s where they’ve wound up after a few years of sharing an apartment in Melbourne, Australia. They bought a very nice place together in a newly developed ‘suburb’ (or satellite township, really) of Nijmegen, where I’ve had the great fortune to stay for the last couple of days. It’s a beautiful place, with lots of trees and open space, and cycling lanes galore to everywhere you’d want to go. I love it. I’ve also eaten more dairy products here than in the previous 12 months combined – they really go for it over here!

Nijmegen’s beautiful town square:

A bit of evening fun:

Aliens attacking Nijmegen (just showing off, if you ask me). Rather noisy also.

Coming soon… Amsterdam!



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17 06 2007
Ian (Shirk)

Hey Nige,congrats on having the balls to pursue this adventure.Best of luck on your journey and will follow your progress with great interest.

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