20 06 2007

June 3rd, 2007

Jumping back to chronological order – We (Simon, Debbie & I) decided to leave the bikes at home today, and catch a train to Amsterdam for a bit of sightseeing.

Shortly after arriving, Simon and I opted for a little ‘mystery treat’ – some species of fried thing we extracted from a wall of mini-ovens in the train station. It tasted pretty good actually, but I’d really rather not know what it was…


What a city! SOOOO many bikes, I really just couldn’t quite believe it – they’re literally locked to every available inch of the endless canal railings, as far as you can see in any direction. Absolute bicycle nirvana – though I will say the bikes themselves are not the kind of bikes I’m really familiar with. Dutch bikes are an interesting breed – a bit like the Japanese ‘mama-chari’ (domestic bike), but with different DNA, and some very strange personalities. And all of them had enormously heavy chain locks and D-locks that must have been more valuable than the bikes themselves – an unfortunate necessity in this city. How anyone ever finds their ride amongst the chaotic mass is beyond me, though the colourful customizations may be of some help…


This is Amsterdam station ‘bike rack’. Yes, really.


Useful for getting mates home after a hard day’s night:


Lunch and more…


Sorry Dave – didn’t buy.


Amsterdam has a lot of character, a lot of very crooked buildings, some rather interesting ‘coffee shops’, and for me, a huge amount of charm. Not one normal person to be spotted anywhere – I’m definitely coming back some day, when I have a little more time to explore and appreciate everything Amsterdam has to offer. Well, maybe not *everything*…



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7 07 2007

Character, is that what they call hookers and drugs in Amsterdam these days? I keed, I keed…

11 07 2007
Sid Ortiz

cool sneakers, remember me, I too flipped lessons in nihombashi once. Take it easy, good to see you fit and well. 🙂

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