21 06 2007

June 5th, 2007

Gerry & I set off for Maastricht at the crack of dawn(ish), enjoying the fine weather and lack of traffic. We stopped for a bit of breakfast at a cafe, then shortly afterwards I managed to surprise a house by riding too close:


Not long after, I noticed an odd-looking bike in the window of a shop as we rode past, and went back for a better look. It turned out to be quite a unique bicycle shop – ‘No Ordinary Bike Shop’ by name, and indeed it wasn’t. The shop was full of amazing custom choppers and cruisers, and the guy in charge was extremely friendly, knowledgable and talkative. He builds the frames himself out of aluminium, and does the design work in collaboration with his clients. Customers all over the world were on the waiting list – I urge you to check out the website:


He wound up offering Gerry & I a ride on his latest creation – a beast of a chopper:



Quite a ride – long and low, and a lot of fun! Great bikes, though I didn’t *quite* manage to convince myself to trade-in the Thorn for one – I couldn’t really see myself getting up the Swiss Alps on one of these babies…