Random Thoughts from the Road – Deer

10 06 2007

Deer have incredible reflexes. Unfortunately, their escape strategies need a bit of work. So do their basic levels of attention. I surprised the stuffing out of one poor specimen in Denmark by simply riding towards it while it munched on something at the side of the bike path. It must have seem me at least 100m before I got anywhere near it, but it suddenly decided I was real at a range of about 1 metre, and promptly lunged directly in front of me. Fortunately I had anticipated this logic and started swerving good and early, cursing fluently. Silly deer.

Time flies…

10 06 2007

Hi everyone – sorry for the poor update frequency on this blog, it’s turning out to be a little more difficult than I’d hoped to get the time and opportunity to get on the Internet for long enough to take care of things…

Gerry & I are now in Mainz, Germany, and have covered quite a lot of ground in a short time. I’ll try to clear the back-log of posts I’ve half-typed in the few spare moments I’ve had. Keep reading:


4 06 2007

On May 27th, I went to Legoland! A life-long dream, realized – and a fine dream it was. I set out from my campsite in Esbjerg mid-morning on May 26th, enjoying a fine (though windy) day of riding to the NE, fueled by half a pack of chocolate-chip cookies, a litre of chocolate milk, and 1.5 litres of apple juice (!). Yes, I drank it all before riding – which proved to be a mistake – but I couldn’t manage carrying half-empty cartons of beverages, or justify throwing them away. Thankfully there are plenty of trees between Esbjerg and Billund.
I didn’t quite make it to Billund before dark – pulled into my new campsite in Grindsted at about 9:30pm (late as always) and was granted a site next to the amenities block, where I quickly pitched tent and headed for the shower. Not the most satisfying shower, however – extremely cramped and coin operated, and after inserting my 5-Eurocent coin, I discovered that the lights were not part of the coin-operated deal as I’d thought – they were broken. I also discovered that I had exactly 3:47 remaining to get my clothes off and under the water, in a pitch-black broom cupboard, and get clean. I’m not known for my speedy strip-shows (yet), but I made it, and I even found the soap.
The next day I was up early and on the bike to Billund (about 20km). I arrived at the park under a blustery grey sky, and promptly celebrated by eating a block of marzipan (my second-favorite fuel, next to ice-cream). Locked the bike, bought my ticket, and I was in LEGOLAND!

As a child and young teen, I was the world’s #1 fan of Lego, and I still believe it is the most excellent toy known to man. There may be a few too many ‘special parts’ these days (such as entire jumbo-jet wings as a single piece) but I love the stuff absolutely, and I can’t really express how happy I was to be there. I didn’t *quite* wet myself with excitement, but I may have squealed and giggled a bit…
I headed straight for the buffet lunch restaurant and ate myself silly again, and then it was down to business:



‘Typical Japanese scene’:




Lots of cyclists in Legoland:


Some less skilled than others, apparently. Very disturbing.


Lots of amazing creations:





And if your cat ever swallows a critical piece, this is the place to go:


Yes – parts in bulk! In non-standard colors, even!

Despite the pitiful weather, I absolutely loved every minute of it, and I can only hope to return some day. Billund actually has an airport, so you can fly directly there, I believe. Do it!