News Flash

4 07 2007

Hi Y’all,

Just letting those who may care that I’m still alive and pedaling – I’m currently in a ‘net Pizzaria’ in the town of Pochlarn, Austria, on my way to Vienna tomorrow.

Having a whale of a time – in fact a whale would truly love the time I’m having (assuming it could figure out the gear shifter), as it’s been absolutely bucketing with rain lately – I’ve often felt I ought to just ride the bike straight into the Danube river and let the current take me where I’m going – I certainly wouldn’t be any wetter than I am now…

But it is a lovely river, and it’s very flat riding, which is a real blessing with all of this gear I’m hauling. The rain is costing me money though – I don’t have the grits to pitch tent in the pouring rain when a nice warm guesthouse (with a hot shower and a beer in the fridge) is just around the corner. Camping fees come to about 12 -14 Euro per night, including a shower token and a beer, whereas the guesthouses / pensions / hotels have cost me about 40 – 45 Euro per night (including buffet breakfast, where I always make a pig of myself). Time to grow some grits, methinks…

I’ve got quite a few blog updates sitting patiently on my little notebook PC, just waiting for a chance where I can get connected to the ‘net with my own hardware. Net cafes are great, but they don’t help me with uploading my own photos and text. I think I’d better get myself a little USB drive in Vienna.

Well, the Pizzaria is closing up here, so I’d better sign off. Lots of updates coming soon – I hope. Till then, I’ll leave you with the following text-only post…




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