Maastricht, Belgium & Luxembourg

6 07 2007

Time to wrap up this leg of the journey – updates have been rather slow, mainly due to my difficulty in getting onto the ‘net with my own PC – but now that I finally have gotten connected, I’ll try to give you all a peek at this beautiful part of the world…

The open road

A typical view of the countryside around Maastricht:


Not sure what inspired this, or what it means… hangin-bike.jpg

Saw quite a few bunkers and battlegrounds while riding through Belgium, plus this Panzer Kampfwagon – I was pretty stoked to see this particular bit of hardware, as I once owned a 1:35 scale plastic kit model of this very tank when I was a geeky teen. Oh, the memories… The ones that survived the paint thinners, at least.


The White Stuff and G-Dawg hangin’ at the Site

Finally got to use those Therm-a-rest Trekker chair thingies I’d been lugging around.
This is near Dochamps, Belgium, by the way. We’re drinking a little vin rouge from recycled rice pudding cups – neither of us thought to pack the crystal for this trip…


Gluttony & Consequence

This is not a terribly fair or accurate view of Gerry’s eating habits on this trip, but it makes a nice combo:


A night-shot of Luxembourg station:


The following morning, on the way out of Luxembourg:


Bigfoot spotted in Europe! Dawning fury, as I realize the top of my ice-cream has been swiped while my guard was down…

That about sums up the trip down to Luxembourg – next up is the Mossel river ride to meet-up with the mighty Rhine. Stay tuned…