Up the Mossel, from Luxembourg to Koblenz

7 07 2007

Luxembourg was a beautiful city, but there was no time to mess about – we could already hear whispers of the boarding call for Gerry’s flight out of Zurich, and the rather hilly route through Belgium and Lux had taken their toll on the legs (on mine, at least). So we were off like dirty shirts, heading NE up the Mossel to catch the Rhine at Koblenz. Very very squiggly, but at least it was flat – even the occasional tailwind – and we made good progress, despite the wineries and pubs taunting us on either side.

Here’s a shot of me, truckin’ through the vinyards:


A few highlights:


Food, transport & accommodation (yes, I know my tent is upside-down):


Some less-expected sights – apparently they drag-race tanks over the bridges when things get quiet.


Like the Maas, the Mossel river is a gorgeous area for cycling or touring of any kind, and I only wish we’d had a little more time to sample the wines, food and brews of the region. Of course, I may well still be there if that were the case, so it’s probably just as well…


7 07 2007

With the distances being ridden, and the amount of junk I’m hauling with me, I must be burning a ton of calories each day. The love-handles and jelly-belly should be disappearing with each turn of the cranks, right? Well, I’m sorry to report that they aren’t, and here’s why….