Down the Rhine, Part I – Koblenz to Mainz

13 07 2007

Koblenz lies at the juncture of the Mossel and Rhine rivers, and it was a very nice spot indeed. Loads of grand and beautiful buildings, fountains, promenades and parks. Plus the biggest man-on-a-horse we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen plenty on this trip. This particular man is German Emperor Wilhelm I, and his horse alone is 14m high – very handy if you’re in a hurry.


Good to see we’re not the only ones to enjoy a brew in the park…


Castles galore down the river – great for impressing the neighbours, but a bit of a hike after a day at the office. Nice views though.


We ended the day in Mainz, another beautiful city – but for reasons I can’t explain, I didn’t take a single photo… Sorry about that!