Trashing Hotel Rooms

30 07 2007

Here are a couple of examples of what happens to a hotel room about 20 minutes after I check in. After nearly giving one poor staff member heart failure, I keep the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign permanently slung around my doorknob during my stay…




3 responses

11 08 2007
Carl Tennant

Good to see things haven’t changed at all, just like your old bedroom at your parents place.

13 08 2007

Carl! Great to hear from you – how the hell are you? Yes, I was just waiting for someone to post this comment… No idea it would come from you though!

14 08 2007
Carl Tennant

I’m really good, about to get a house built so you’ll always have a place to crash and trash, mum and dad are really impressed by your adventure as am I and send their best wishes. I’m taking dad to the UK in September to vistit his sister who he hasn’t seen in 40 years, in the mean time we’ll keep an eye out for updates, hopefully when you make it back to Vic one day we’ll catch up, in the mean time take care of yourself Carl

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