17 08 2007





Currently enjoying being entertained and looked-after by Christian & Mieko, at their new place in Bucharest. Thanks guys!



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2 04 2008

Hi Nigel!

I’m still waiting to hear about your Romanian (and other adventures)! Once you get your creditors off your back, you gotta flesh this narrative out a bit. 🙂


2 04 2008

Hey Christian & Mieko,

Hi guys – great to hear from you!

Yes, sorry about the blog – the wheels have truly fallen off this thing… Fear not though – I’m actively wading through the text from my trip, and I’ll be updating the whole site (with a more logical layout) in the relatively near future.

I gave a slide-show/presentation on the trip just last Friday, so the topic is still hot. I’m just busy back at the job(s) working to pay off the last of it!

Thanks again to the both of you for all your help, friendship and support. How’s it going back in Bucharest, by the way? Hope you’re having a good time over there.

– Nigel

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