Japan (finally!)

16 01 2008

16th January, 2008

Yes people, I have finally made it home to my apartment in Tokyo! I floated into Osaka harbor on the 20th December, and spent a few days exploring Osaka and Kyoto (my first time to visit these great cities).

I rode the final leg to Tokyo fairly quickly, stopping by Nagoya, Shizuoka, Mishima and Tsurumi before rolling into Tokyo on the 29th – just in time for New Years Day.

A huge thanks to everyone out there who supported me with friendship and kindness – I couldn’t have done it without you! The generosity and warmth of family, friends and strangers alike has been truly incredible, and I will never forget it.

I’ll be filling in the huge blanks in this blog over the next little while, as time permits. I’m now in the process of getting organized, ‘getting real’, and figuring out how to pay the bills… Stay tuned for reports of frosty fun in Central Asia!

It has been a fantastic adventure – more so than I could have ever imagined. I have to say though – it’s great to be back home too!






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16 01 2008

WELCOME HOME>….. Glad to hear u made it, I personally am looking forward to the updates, I was getting worried after not seeing an entry for over a month.
Regardless, glad to see you had a trip of a lifetime.

16 01 2008

Glad to see you are catering to your small, but dedicated, fan base. Looking forward to the updates!

17 01 2008

hi nigel,

glad to hear that u made it, there is once a time where u have to go home – think maki will be happy too:)
hope u settle back in easily !
hello from f***ing freezing cold tehran (-15 degrees right now)

18 01 2008
naotaka yamaguchi

Nigel! Welcome back!!

22 01 2008
Christian & Mieko

Congratulations Nigel!

Mieko and I are both happy and thoroughly impressed! We were wondering what had happened; I guess central Asia isn’t the best place for Internet updates.

Congrats again on an amazing accomplishment. We’re looking forward to reading the details and seeing the pictures.

Christian & Mieko

25 01 2008

Well done Nigel. It is good to hear that you are not stranded out in the middle of Asia, tying sheepskins on to your body to stay warm long enough for you bike to defrost in the spring. 🙂 ….my imagination was starting work after not seeing any updates for so long.


4 02 2008

Hi, Nigel.
So glad to hear you are back safe and sound. I was concerned you were stranded in all that snow in China! I have checked your site often and worried when there were no updates…that’s the MOM in me, I guess. I just wrote to your Mom and asked about you and then checked your site and can now relax and wait for “the rest of the story.”

23 02 2008

Congrats!! It was so great meeting you back in Istanbul. Meeting travelers like you has been one of the finest parts of this adventure! Cz and I also have made it home, for us the USA, and even managed to land an apartment in Harlem. If the traveling bug ever takes you to NY, you have a standing invitation to crash in our living room.

2 03 2008

Good for you Nigel and welcome home! I’m glad you made it safely and am looking forward to reading about the rest of your adventures! 🙂

26 10 2008

Hi Nigel if you have time email me or check me out on facebook, house is done take care. Carl

16 08 2010
patrizia & brö

hi nigel!
just learned about your adventure from england to japan through the website of tour.tk (sonya and aaldrik – whom we have not met yet before, unfortunately…) anyway, your tour sounds really exciting and you must be loaded with lots of wonderful experiences. we have been cycling ourselves in some of those countries too and we are sure we would have lots of stories to share 😉 we are now in singapore but planning to come to japan early next month. are you still living there? would be really nice to meet up and share some travel stories over tea? fancy? please just drop us a line so we can contact you through your personal e-mail address. want to see where we have been? have a look at http://www.somewhereonearth.org and enjoy.
greetings from sunny singapore, patrizia & brö

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