This blog chronicles the cycling adventures of Nigel Tennant, specifically his trip from England to Japan by bicycle between May – December 2007.

In the coming months, I’ll be expanding and re-organizing this blog / website to detail my passion for all things cycling-related.

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19 12 2007
Linda Buckley

just received your mum and dad’s Christmas card in England and only had chance to do quick scan of site – impressive stuff – will read all at some time – have a great Christmas and if you can pass on email contact for future use
linda Dennis Matthew and Aidan

13 01 2008
Sid Ortiz

Hey Nigel, How are you? Rachel from berlitz Nihombashi passed me this blog of yours. wow, you’ve really done some peddling. Hope you are well mate, you probably don;t remember me, but i tried to teach english in japan once. take it easy, hit me back on my email. Happy new Year

12 08 2008

Hey Nigel!

We’re in Tokyo now. Email me (sorry, I can’t find your address). Hopefully we can find a moment to get together. We’re out of here on the 20th.

See ya!

Christian & Mieko

25 09 2008

Hi there! I finally found your blog! I just read 1st page…. Let me tell you that i was probably in Winchester when you were and Rikki works on the ferry from Harwich to Holland now! I really wish you happy and we are looking forward to seeing you in Japan or England. xxx

25 05 2010

Wow Nigel, wild trip man. I’ll spend some time and enjoy reading it over the next few days.

25 05 2010

Kristan – wow, it’s been quite a while mate! Great to hear from you – hope all is well!

11 06 2010

Hi Nigel,
This is Saied form Tabriz/IRAN.
Do you remember me? 🙂
I’m talking with one of our family right now and we talked about Japan and I remember you so I decided to say hello to you.
How are you Nigel?
Where are you now?
Is every things good?
I’ll wait your reply 😉

Take care
have fun
Saied Sabzi

14 06 2010

Saied! Great to hear from you – I hope you and your family are happy and well.

I’m still living here in Japan, and life is good. I’m still riding the bicycle too – though not quite so far these days 😉 I commute to work each day, which is about a 40km round-trip. It keeps me healthy, and satisfies my cycling habit (for now).

If you see Mahdi, please give him my best regards. I hope life is good for you all in Tabriz – I must thank you both again for your wonderful hospitality and kindness. Almost three years later, I’m still telling everyone how great the people of Iran are – especially from Tabriz!

– Nigel

24 10 2015

Nigel, I think we need to start planning another European bike tour for 2017 – yes, in 1.5 years it’ll be a decade, pops!

27 10 2015

Yes – hard to believe a full decade will soon have passed. More than a little scary, actually. I think some ‘bicycle therapy’ is definitely in order – stay tuned!

19 02 2020
Paul Tennant

Hi Nigel read your blog many times love it from Paul Tennant your second cousin

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